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As a 1st year carpenters apprentice there are a number of jobs that will be assigned specifically to you. They will be matched to your entry level position and limited knowledge that comes with. This, however, does not mean that they are altogether easy. They require confidence, stamina, strength and an attention to detail not dissimilar to that of the finest craftsman. Not only is it your role to learn and complete these tasks to a high standard, but you must also do so whilst maintaining vigilant of those around you and a focus on the bigger picture outside of that immediate task. You will be pushed to the limit of endurance, stretched till muscle and sinew burns, driven to the farthest reaches of your being and then slammed up against it again the very next day. You will live for it, breath for it. Your body is a machine, you are a champion and we will have you cresting on the verge of superhuman before you know it! That is the challenge we set before you.

Having trained over 30 carpentry apprentices, we noticed a clear pattern emerge. The best apprentices all possessed and combined elements of the following traits and characteristics-

  • Punctuality
  • Responsibility
  • Clear and concise communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Respect for authority
  • Cheerful\positive demeanor
  • Determination

Do you notice what is missing? No mention of skill or natural ability. Above is a blueprint for success as a carpenter and you need no skill or natural ability to speak of! We guarantee this, if you implement the traits and characteristics above, you will be amongst the best of the best. Top of your class and a leader of men. It is here at IBuild Carpentry Solutions that we provide the arena to make it happen.

So what does a 1st year carpentry apprentice get? Ripped arms, back, legs and torso. Skin tones that glisten of sun and manliness. A trade in an industry with limitless potential. Respect, knowledge and training second to none and a gleaming bright future all ready for the taking. That is what a 1st year carpentry apprentice gets. Anything else that comes with that is a bonus.